Our tours between Valchiavenna, Lake Como and Lower Valtellina

NEW 2022! Monte Berlinghera and the Viking Trail

Elevation: 750 m (climb) - 1800 m (descent)

NEW! "Cigolino" and the "Mounts of Menarola"

Elevation: 1350 m (climb) - 1350 m (descent)

NEW! Chiavenna and "Marmitte dei Giganti"

Elevation: 2200 m (climb) - 2200 m (descent)

The "Tracciolino Trail"

Elevation: 1100 m (climb) - 1100 m (descent)

Monte Crocione + Bocchetta di Nava

Elevation: 1160 m (climb) - 1820 m (descent)

Alpe Giumello + Monte Legnoncino

Elevation: 200 m (climb) - 2600 m (descent)

Lower Valtellina Enduro Tour

Elevation: 350 m (climb) - 2850 m (descent)

Mount San Defendente

Elevation: 1300 m (climb) - 1300 m (descent)

Monti di Vercana

Elevation: 880 m (climb) - 880 m (descent)

Como Enduro Tour

Elevation: 830 m (climb) - 1360 m (descent)



Some usefull info!


XC = cross country : relatively simple routes though certain parts could have some technical passages. Both hardtail (with just front suspension) and full suspension bikes, with more or less shock absorption are suitable for these tours.

AM= alla mountain : on these itineraries you can find harder technical sections, where a full suspension mountain bike with at least 120-130 mm travel is suitable, allowing you to get the most out of the descents as well as the climbs. Knee guards advisable!

EN= enduro : these are the most technical and challenging trails, where we can find however flowy parts letting our bikes run smoothly, but mainly rough and rocky sections where it is best to have a 150-160 mm travel bike (enduro bike) making most of their movement! Knee guards are a must!


S0: gravel or packed earth. No particular difficulties. Mostly forest and meadow paths.
S1: smaller obstacles like roots and small stones. Erosion damage may increase difficulty. Soil may be loose in places.
S2: obstacles such as large rocks and stones. Soil is often loose. Steps are expected. Wider hairpin turns, steepness of up to 70%. Requires some advanced riding skills.
S3: many sections with large obstacles such as boulders and large roots. Many hairpin and off-balance turns. Slippery surface and talus sections may be found.
S4: very steep and difficult, with sections having large boulders and roots. Frequent loose debris. Very steep sections with very tight hairpin turns and high steps that will cause the chainring to hit the ground. Some trials techniques will be necessary.
S5: very steep and difficult with big boulder fields and debris, and landslides. Speed must be carried for counter-ascents. If at all only short passages are available for accelerating and braking. Very few Mountainbikers can actually ride at this level.


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